Being Productive and Simple Attitudes

Is it that much tough to be productive?

There are a bunch of people around me who cannot be considered as “Productive” by any mean. They tend to be, but they cannot or they really don’t want.

Personally, I am too nervous about the smallest things, particularly in personal behavior. I believe it is very simple to become a loser because of multiple tiny factors in the way we are facing with moods and small events.

To make it clear, a significant difference between people who are productive and the time wasters, is the way they get along with the feeling of tiredness and boring moments.

Who are losers? If you are that kind of people who prefer to minimize the task for a moment and go for checking the social media, watching an episode of “Big Bang Theory” or running a game on your cellphone, you are going to lose.

Who is the productive? Faced with a boring task and you cannot tolerate it? Leave the desk, get a coffee, or go for a five minute walk and come back. Take a shower, a quick exercise or a bit of food? Hell Yes! Just do something that can really change your mood. Obviously checking Facebook or a 60-minute movie is not the answer. Laying down for 2 hours is not the answer, and the result is guaranteed from the first moment. You also know that you would not be refreshed after this kind of break, so why you are going for it in the first place?

Productive people will become tired, sad, and angry of their tasks at some points, like everyone else. However, the reaction in these situations will clarify the difference between productive people and losers.

Becoming a loser does not require a disaster or a ship sinking. It happens smooth and slowly. If you quite and lie down when you reach to a boring task, you have to change! The smallest, easiest and absolutely important difference roots from your reaction to these critical moments.

To conclude, if you feel uneasy about the ongoing job, just go for a coffee! or an ice-cream. Just do anything which can REALLY change your mood. Wasting time is not an option and you are not going to feel better as long as you waste the time.