Who am I?

I am Kousha. I prefer to be called by my first name, pronounced like Koo-sh-aa. This is a ruined Persian name. My parents intended to refer an empire [Kushan Empire], however, by missing the last character [..n] after a long story, now Koushan in Persian language means hard-worker.

I born in 1990, and got my first PC in 2004. I could never stop thinking about computers and programs since then. Started programming and building things in a serious way almost a year after, ~2005-Now. Got my bachelor and then master degree in Software Engineering. I was born in Iran, moved to Canada, and live in five cities so far in both countries.

Since childhood, I was a creator. All the stuff: computers, programming languages, designing, prototyping, marketing, and everything else I use and I learn, are the tools for implementing ideas I have in my mind. so I simply enjoyed every moment, I learned with passion; I am waking up every morning with a big smile on face to create the next big thing I have in my mind. I may have invested three years of my life on a single project, and everyday with the same big smile.

I won multiple awards in Iran and Canada. Brought to life 10+ start-up web projects. I am an entrepreneur and a person who knows [a bit] about startups and web projects. I have invested more than 14 years of my life into startups, full-time. Experienced different industries, implemented many projects from zero to revenue. Experienced unsuccessful startups, experience successful startups, and experienced losing successful startups.

I consider myself as a product designer. I have implemented projects several times, and run startups. I barely get surprised by a challenge raising in this procedure. I have practical skills in prototyping, UI design, programming, marketing, hosting, maintenance, customer relationship, and all the stages required to run a project. I have mainly focused on web projects.

My specific expertise is in third-party JavaScripts. I have done research on the security of using third-party JavaScript, invented novel methods to over come security concerns, released a paper on this. I have implemented and released scripts used by millions of users. Implemented intensive client-side scripts. I am professional in challenges, security concerns, compatibility and standards in this field.

In my spare time, I provide consultancy to big brands and promising startups in Canada and Iran. Feel free to reach me, we can have a coffee! Send me an email, and say “Hey Kousha[n] – I am […], let’s go for a tech coffee!”